Government Approved Electronic Driving Testing Center in Punjab.:Its happy to share you latest news Government of Punjab approved European style driving testing centre in Punjab.where newly candidates who want to get the licence of any Vehicle who lives in Pakistan and have the nationality. 

Government Approved Electronic Driving Testing Center in Punjab
Government Approved Electronic Driving Testing Center in Punjab

So, onward no one west their time because Lahore police motorway doing well to update their function and procedure with new latest technology upgrading.

Government Approved Electronic Driving Testing Center in Punjab

The traffic police have decided to initiate the electronic driving centre for the citizens so that they can easily get the driving license.

According to the details, instead of waiting in the long queue for the driving license, the citizens will have to go through the online test.

Good initiative Lahore motorway police

Now Time has come save your time by this well-appreciated government approval on Lahore because the testing time will be per candidates just 5 minutes only along with some question answer as per situation,

he needs to prove their self what he drives well or not by following the rules and regulation.

Testing Procedure

The test will be on via Online through Emulator and automatically get the licence by new technology,and person should get the point 75 percent of eligible for getting the legal licence .if you follow the guideline as given by police motorway licence centre then there is no such big issue for getting the licence.there is no such type of change corruption,

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The electronic centres will be established in October at the Arfa Karim tower, Thokar Niaz Baig, Police Lines, Defence, and CTO office.

Location Digital Driving Center

Traffic police are doing hard work to make the system better. Earlier, it created parking stands for auto-rickshaws at more than forty important places in Lahore. These places include Liberty, Ichhra, Railway Station, Lari Ada, Thokar Niaz Baig, Model Town, major hospitals and educational institutions.