G12H-150 Redback

为寻找极端动力处理的玩家创造了G12H-150 Redback,但拒绝在很大的基调下妥协。在GargAntuan 150-Watts额定回复,用超级的2英寸音录线圈构造,并具有最重的G12磁体。结果是一个吉他扬声器,它在字符中听起来有100%的Celestion,旨在承受从100瓦的头部自raybet网页身的击打,并且仍然仍然回来。Redback证明了您不再需要在电源和音调之间选择。With a tight well-controlled low end detailed midrange and more relaxed treble Celestion’s engineering expertise has produced a truly high power guitar speaker that can still deliver balance responsiveness and superb playability with muscular ease.With lower power combos expect tons of smooth clean tone and don’t be afraid to plug in your favourite stomp box. Thinking of downsizing your cabinet? Simply hook up a single Redback to your 100-watt head and generate giant slabs of frightening monstrous tone.